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Join us for an exciting launch with the release of Journal Creator 3.0 software release!


The Journal Creator has released 2 previous versions, both of which had pre-designed templates, and allowed people to add text. With version 1, users could add text through a walk through system. The problem: it took a long time to add it to every single page, every single box. Version 2 was a simplified version, and allowed people to put text across the entire system (but one text box replicated to all pages, it couldn't be different).

We were then asked to have something even simpler - something that was more flexible from a 'drag and drop' standpoint, to let people change the design layouts. Many didn't even care about the text, they just wanted interesting designs, with or without color.

And that's how the Journal Creator 3 was born.

I was talking with Robert Borsuk of Puzzle Publishers, and told him what my customers wanted. And he knew exactly what to do to make it happen, since my other system wasn't capable of the drag and drop.

So we teamed up!

This version of the Journal Creator has stemmed from the request of a simple drag and drop approach allowing people to put all the elements on the page they want. This lets your customers design journal layouts in under ONE minute! From there, they can take it into Powerpoint or Photoshop or even Canva if they want to add text. (OR, they can leave the text off, and let their customers add their own headings).

See the sales page here for a video preview.

Warning: it's deceptively simple... But your customers will love it!

The Launch Details

This is an EVERGREEN product, meaning that it will remain after the launch date, the price will simply increase at that time.

Launch date:  Wednesday April 27th, 2022
Launch time:  10 a.m. Eastern
Launch pricing: Ends

SPECIAL PRICING DURING THE 3 DAY LAUNCH: $27 ONE TIME... the price will return to $29.95 on May 2, at 12 noon Eastern. 

The front end of the product has ONE option: The Standard edition, which provides 60 various images to work with, can create a minimum of 1,770 combinations (using only 2 at a time)...into the tens of thousands of possible combinations when using more than 2!

This is a ONE TIME product cost and not a subscription.


UPSELL #1: Unlock the Pro edition, which increases the number of images to work with to 160! This increases it to more than 12,000 possible combinations just using 2, to as many as hundreds of thousands adding in 3 or 4 variations. It's crazy! This is $27 one time during the launch period. NO subscriptions, just one time for now. (After the launch, we may add a monthly option, but at this time we're keeping it at one time).

Upsell #2: Unlock the Comic layout edition and get 80 comic style elements! This upsell is $27 one time during the launch period. Also NO subscriptions, just one time for now. (After the launch, we may add a monthly option, but at this time we're keeping it at one time).

There are no further upsells at this time, and there are no downsells. (If they say no to upsell 1, they will be presented with the next upsell or their purchase info after upsell offer 2.)

Why not monthly since we "usually" do that?

Typically we do monthly because it helps to support further programming. However, we felt that in this case, we would simply release future niche bundles as we're ready to do so. And, customers are hit with enough monthly bills - when we can at times offer a one time payment, we do.

Be assured, we absolutely support our products, and are NOT a 'here today/gone tomorrow" kind of business.

I (Amber) have been working online full time for going on 25 years. The previous editions of the journal creator are still live for existing customers, and that means V1 has been there for 5 years. Rob has also been working online for several years, and has his own memberships which have been active for several years. 

Note, because these are one time products and they do create PLR and publishing products, all purchases are non-refundable, and that is stated on the sales pages. It's not because we don't believe in our products - it's because we do, but we're also against people buying, using it, publishing and then refunding. That's simple abuse. (You can't buy a license of Microsoft Office, create letters, then return it for a refund.) I normally don't state this on JV Pages, however with a recent launch, some affiliates promised buyers a full refund, which was against our terms and what our sales pages say - so please DO NOT state money back guarantee in your promotions. (We only refund if a person purchased twice accidentally).

The Contest

The contest runs as follows:

Dates: Wednesday April 27th at 10 a.m. through to 11:59 p.m. Sunday May 1st.


  • First prize: $100
  • Second Prize: $50
  • Third prize: $25

No teams are allowed. You must earn at least more than the cost of the prize in order to receive it, or you will receive the next closest prize.

Prizes will be awarded within 3 business days of the end of it.

We hope you'll join us!!

If you have any questions, reach out to us on Facebook Messenger or by email.  

Amber Jalink, President/CEO DIME Consultants Inc.

Robert Borsuk, Creator of Puzzle Publishers


Subject suggestions:

New V3.0 - Create custom journals in just a few minutes. Yes, it's possible!
Create journals etc. Fast To Sell To Raving Fans!
New Enhanced Software Version 3.0 Creates Sellable Printables in less than 2 minutes.
Cut Your Low Content Product Creation Time Down to just Minutes.
Speed Up your Low Content Creation
Easy to use Journal Creator 3.0 Builds Journals & Printables FAST That You Can Sell

Email option 1:

If you've ever wanted to speed up the process of creating journals and other low content books, there is new software you just have to see.

The Journal Creator 3.0 has just released.

This software helps you create eye catching journals, notebooks, habit trackers and other low content books & printables, quickly and easily that you can sell on Amazon KDP, Etsy or similar.

There's some pretty fun features here:

- it's drag and drop...
- build your books in full color or black and white...
- create almost endless combinations of different styles.

Plus you can download the designs you've created in PNG OR ready to publish pdf.

Check out the details here: (AFF URL)

(AND it's only a one time price - no monthly subscriptions, but the price does go up on Monday)

Have fun with it!

(your name)

Email option 2:

Low content publishing (Journals, notebooks, log books, habit trackers, and so on) is a MULTI BILLION dollar industry.

And you might already be taking part in it - or wanting to.

The problem is, the amount of time it can take to come up with a good layout.

Let's face facts: sure there's lots of notebook styles out there, but what about the fun and interesting journals?? THESE are the ones that sell the best.

You can do all the research you want to know what would be a good journal to create, but then you have to sit down and come up with a design.

You could easily spend an hour OR MORE, just trying to get your design right.

Wouldn't it be nice if you could just press the "Easy Button", and with a few clicks of your mouse, have your designs created in a quarter of the time?

Well now you can - check out the Journal Creator 3.0 to speed up your publishing!

Check out the details here: (AFF URL)

Special pricing is on until Sunday May 1st, so don't wait because it automatically goes up on Monday.

(AND it's only a one time price - no monthly subscriptions).


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